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Le grand rex Paris

1, Boulevard Poissonnière
75002 PARIS

Parking rex atrium

5/7 rue du faubourg Poissonière
75009 PARIS

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Lines and
Stop Bonne Nouvelle

Great Hall

2702 seats

Féerie des eaux + film de noël

  • Morning Price13.00€
  • Full Price18.00€
  • Reduced Price15.00€
  • 16 year-old price13.00€

2D Great hall

  • Morning Price7.00€
  • Full Price14.00€
  • Reduced Price11.50€
  • 16 year-old price7.00€

3D Great hall

  • Morning Price7.00€
  • Full Price17.00€
  • Reduced Price14.50€
  • 16 year-old price10.00€
For the Magic Water :
an extra fee of €5.00 will be charged for unlimited UGC card,UGC solo card, movie-cheques, OSC...

Reduced daily rate for:
student card, less than 26 years old, apprentice card, large family card, over 60 years old, job seeker card

Autres salles

De 100 à 500 places

Salle Infinite

  • Morning Price12.00€
  • Full Price18.00€
  • Reduced Price15.00€
  • 16 year-old price12.00€

2D Rex 3 to 7 Hall

  • Morning Price7.00
  • Full Price12.00€
  • Reduced Price9.50€
  • 16 year-old price7.00€

3D Rex 3 to 7 Hall

  • Morning Price7.00€
  • Full Price14.00€
  • Reduced Price11.50€
  • 16 year-old price9.00€

Reduced daily rate for:
student card, less than 26 years old, apprentice card, large family card, over 60 years old, job seeker card

For theaters 3 to 7:
3D costs of €2.00 are charged for unlimited UGC, UGC solo cards, movie-cheques, CSOs...
The 3D glasses are available for € 1.00.

For theaters Infinite:
an extra fee €5.00 per place will be charged for all vouchers (Ciné Chèques, CCU, UGC Unlimited, Solo and Blue Cards, etc.)


Dû à son architecture et à sa date de construction, le Grand Rex n'est malencontreusement pas accessible dans son intégralité. Seules la salle Rex 5 et la salle Grand Rex sont accessibles aux Personnes à Mobilité Réduite.
Si toutefois vous aviez un doute sur l'accessibilité de la salle dans laquelle a lieu l'événement auquel vous souhaitez assister, contactez-nous.
Veuillez noter par ailleurs que nous ne sommes pas équipé du système d'audiodescription.

KadeosEntraideTir GroupéAMEXCado ChèqueCheque Culture UPCiné ChèquesCBANCVUGC BlueUGC IllimitéParis je taime
Is there a car park?

Public pay parking Atrium 5-7 rue du Fbg Poissonnière 75009 Paris Tel : 01 42 46 67 25. This car park does not belong to us.

Are the seats numbered?

For shows, you should look on your ticket: either it is noted as free placement and it is not numbered, or there are letters and numbers and your place is numbered.

What time do you open the doors for a concert?

Generally 1.5 hours before concert time

I am a person with reduced mobility, is it accessible, is there a fee?

Hall 5 and the large hall (where concerts, shows and events are held) are accessible to PRM. For shows, take the seat of your choice. You will be directed to a reserved location (located in the orchestra) in the presence of 1 accompanying person.

Are cameras allowed?

No it is forbidden for screening of films and in general not allowed for concerts. For previews in the presence of the cast, yes, it is allowed to photograph them onstage and outside the building (except in case of contradiction).

What tickets are accepted for a film?

UGC solo and unlimited cards (usable 1 hour before the session), cinézech, EOSC check.
These tickets are not valid for previews with the film crew.

Is the UGC card valid for previews, events...?

The UGC card is accepted only for classic sessions and previews without the film crew, on-site at the ticket office 1 hr before the session.

Can I book by phone at the Rex?

No, reservations are made on or directly on the spot at the box offices and checkouts of the cinema.
For special screenings, premieres, concerts and shows, you can reserve your seats in Fnac and Carrefour stores or on the website

Do you have a coat check? Is baggage allowed? Can I go with my helmet?

We have no locker room. Luggage is not allowed for security reasons.
Able to enter with helmet.

Does my two-year-old have to pay for his seat if I keep him on my knees?

We do not recommend that children of less than 2 years of age be granted access to the theater.
All children pay regardless of age.

I have lost my confirmation e-mail of the purchase of my theater seats, what should I do?

Send us an e-mail on the contact form so that we can send you your confirmation. Please specify the name with which the reservation was made, as well as the e-mail used for the reservation, the number of seats and the event.

Do you have subscription cards for the cinema?

5-seat card at € 45,5 valid 60 days from the first use or 10-seat card at € 80 from the 1st use.
Popcorn and 3D offered (except purchase of glasses) with the 5-seat card and for the 10-seat card you will be offered popcorn + drink + 3D (except purchase of glasses).

The tickets are not in my name, can I use them to go?

Yes, unless otherwise stated on your ticket or voucher indicating that proof of identity will be required..

Can my minor child go if he is not accompanied by an adult?

Yes, if the child is over 12 years of age

Can I go in with a drink and food?

No, any food or drink from outside are strictly forbidden inside the cinema.

I only have one confirmation e-mail for 5 seats, we will not arrive at the same time, what should we do?

You can print the e-mail in several copies, or on-site tell the controller the number of missing people and their names.

Is it possible to access a theater after the start of the session?

Concerning the shows, the access to the hall is made according to the production of the event, in case of delay your seat location will no longer be guaranteed.
Regarding the cinema, theater access is allowed until 10 minutes after the beginning of the film.

How to justify my right to a reduction? What are your different discounts?

We offer discount prices for children under 18 and under 14 years old, students, job seekers, families or also seniors.
To justify your reduced price, it is mandatory to present official valid ID and with a photograph.

How do I know my film is being screened in the big theater?

Refer to the website, for each screening, the name of the theater is specified. Le Grand Rex is equipped with 7 theaters: the Grand Hall (notably Grand Hall or Grand Large depending on the projection screen) and 6 other classic theaters (noted down as Rex 1, Rex 2, ..., Rex 7)

Why am I directed to the second floor for a movie in 'Grand Large' when there is nobody downstairs?

The 'Grand Large' is the largest screen in Europe excluding Imax (different broadcasting format) and it is about 300 square meters. Because of its size and location, only the second floor is used so that you can watch the movie under the best possible conditions. If you were seated on the ground floor, you would not be able to see the totality of the screen.
This screen is unwound after the commercials which are broadcast on the scene screen. This allows to increase the 'wow' effect.

I lost an item in a theater

Thank you for sending us a mail via the contact form on our site, we will answer you as soon as we can

How to know the dates of sale events or movies?

Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social networks

I am pregnant, is there a specific seat?

No specific seating.
To avoid the queue introduce yourself directly to our reception team (medical certificate required where pregnancy is not clear)

Can I buy my tickets on resale sites?

There is no guarantee that your tickets are valid, no tickets will be checked by us before the event

My show is canceled, how do I get a refund?

Please contact directly the point of sale from which the ticket was purchased


  • Any member of the public, whatever their age, must be in possession of a paid ticket or invitation.
  • Access to the establishment is prohibited for children under the age of three (article No. 198 of the Ordinance of the Prefecture of Police of Paris of 1 January 1927) for all shows except children's shows, for which access is prohibited for children under one year of age, and this without any refund.
  • Moreover, the Direction of the GRAND REX PARIS reserves the right, according to the nature of the show, to deny access, without refund, to children under the age of 10 years, not accompanied by an adult.
  • Spectators are required to follow the instructions printed on the tickets.
  • The spectators who entered the establishment and whose tickets were checked at the entrance can only exit permanently.
  • All members of the public must comply with the instructions of the reception and security personnel during entry and exit.
  • If the performance begins at the precise time indicated on the ticket, latecomers will only be able to access the theater itself during an interruption of the show and according to accessibility. For shows with numbered seats, access to the seat can no longer be guaranteed after the show begins.

2.Ticket Office

  • The acquisition of your show ticket implies adherence to the rules of procedure of the GRAND REX PARIS, posted at the entrances and published on its website.
  • Moreover, it implies adherence to the internal rules specific to the organizer of the event, where applicable. Effectiveness and adhesion to the rules have the effect of forcing the client/viewer to comply with all the provisions of the rules of procedure.
  • The viewer who does not comply with these rules of procedure may be refused entry to the site or may be expelled without being able to claim a refund for his ticket. It is the same in case of non-respect of the specific arrangements made by the organizer.
  • Tickets purchased outside the authorized points of sale (FNAC, BILLETEL, the GRAND REX hall box office and any similar licensed networks) may be refused access to the venue without refund. It is important to point out that buying tickets on internet resale sites is likely to put you at risk of fraud or forgery preventing access to the theater.

3.Sécurity & regulations

  • In general, the events take place under the sole responsibility of the organizer.
  • If the venue or event organizer deems it necessary to introduce an entrance security check requiring a visual inspection or a hand bag inspection and/or a pat-down by specialized personnel, you have to comply with it, or be denied access without reimbursement.
  • If the owner of an unauthorized object refuses to part with it, access to the theater is forbidden to him, also no refund is possible.
  • Any objects likely to serve as a projectile, to constitute a weapon or to jeopardize the safety of the public, in particular: pyrotechnic articles, knives and sharp objects, plastic and glass bottles, alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Items which are prohibited to be kept or worn on public roads (weapons, narcotics, etc.) may not be left at the deposit place. Their discovery could be followed by information being given to law enforcement agencies.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use electronic cigarettes in the establishment. Drug use is also prohibited.
  • Documents, leaflets, badges, insignias, symbols or banners of all sizes and of all kinds, with a xenophobic or racist nature are prohibited.
  • Animals, except in exceptional cases, are prohibited.
  • Activation of fire alarms can take place only when necessary. Any abuse will be punished.
  • The theater will be able to carry out the eviction of any person disturbing the public order or who does not respect the provisions of this regulation, and this, without refund.

4.Other case

  • It is forbidden to film, photograph or record within the confines of the institution.
  • Any action of promotion, distribution of flyers or objects inside and in the vicinity of the establishment will have to be subject to specific authorization by the operator.
  • Any use of the power grid of the theater by a spectator is prohibited. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the theater during the event.
  • Consumption of food and drink can only take place in "Bar" areas.
  • In the event of cancellation of an event, refunds, if any, will be made according to the organizer's instructions by the place of purchase.
  • In the case of audiovisual recording of the event, viewers are warned that their image is likely to be included.
    For the visit to Rex Studios, viewers are warned that they are being filmed collectively for the purposes of video recording of the end-of-visit film.